How to reach


By Air: Munsiyari is 250 km from Pantnagar, the closest airport. Regular flights from Delhi connect to Pantnagar. Delhi is the closest international airport at a distance of 535 km. Most major cities across the world are connected to Delhi by flight. Taxi services are available from Pantnagar to Munsiyari. Some hotels also arrange pick-up and drop services to the airport.

By Rail: At a distance of 218 km, Kathgodam is the nearest major railhead. It is connected to most major parts of the country by rail. It is connected to cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Dehradun, Kanpur, Jammu, etc. by rail.

By Road: Regular bus services operate from Kathgodam, Almora, Haldwani and Tankpur that connect to Munsiyari. Daily buses ply between Delhi and Almora. Taxis can be hired from Kathgodam station to reach Munsiyari. Buses also ply between Kathgodam and Munsiyari.


Destination Distance
Kathgodam 280 KMS
Haldwani 285 KMS
Pantnagar 312 KMS
Nainital 265 KMS
Almora 210 KMS
Kausani 180 KMS
Chaukodi 100 KMS
Berinaag 104 KMS
Patal Bhuwaneshwar 135 KMS
Bageswar 142 KMS
Karn Prayag 242 KMS
Thal 72 KMS
Didihat 98 KMS
Pithoragarh 135 KMS
Champavat 200 KMS
Tanakpur 260 KMS
Jauljibi 66 KMS
Madkot 22 KMS
Milam 47 KMS
Leelam 10 KMS
Birthy fall 32 KMS


Train No. Departure Time Arrival Time
5013 Old Delhi 22:40 Kathgodam 05:45
5014 Kathgodam 20:40 Old Delhi 04:10
5036 Kathgodam 08:50 Old Delhi 15:20
3019 Lucknow 00:30 Kathgodam 09:30
3020 Kathgodam 21:55 Lucknow 05:55
5308 Aishbagh (Lucknow) 21:00 Lal Kuan 06:10
5307 Lal Kuan 20:45 Aishbagh (Lucknow) 06:25
5311 Mathura Jn 23:15 Lal Kuan 08:20
5312 Lal Kuan 19:05 Mathura Jn 04:30